General Dentistry for Better Health

Prevention is key at Louisville Family Dental. Our dedicated hygienists provide a gentle and thorough dental cleaning for your whole family. We will also help teach you how to keep your teeth healthy. We offer a number of different treatments for varying stages of dental issues.

Dental Cleaning


Sealants help protect your healthy back teeth. We apply a preventative sealant to fill in the deep grooves where bacteria and food particles can collect and cause cavities.


Fillings are recommended when decay has destroyed tooth structure. We only use tooth-colored fillings in our office to provide you with a healthy and discrete way to get your cavities fixed.

Root Canals

Root canals are done to alleviate pain and get rid of infection. First, we remove the nerve and thoroughly clean the inside of the tooth. Then, we fill the inside of the tooth with a soft and flexible material. Last, we add a crown to the tooth to keep it from breaking.


Crowns are recommended when too much tooth structure is missing to place a tooth-colored filling. We place a porcelain crown over the top of the damaged and diseased tooth structure to keep the remaining tooth healthy and help prevent the need for extraction.


Surgery is done when the tooth can't be saved or the patient requests extraction. This procedure removes the source of infection. We perform safe and gentle extractions. Occasionally we recommend placing a bone graft to fill in the tooth socket. This decreases the chance of secondary infection and prevents a dry socket.